Art for Large Spaces

Murals & Wall Coverings

Creating Atmosphere…

These large wall coverings are highly impactful and define the tone of the large space they occupy.

With Dramatic Detail…

Meant to be viewed up close, each mural is photographed and printed in a way that captures and clearly displays the most minute details.

cafeteria mural
cafeteria mural

Built From the Ground Up.

Murals and wall coverings are highly customized, designed from the start to meet the client’s architectural space requirements and aesthetic mood that will define a very large space. Extensive upfront planning and communication make this possible.

“We worked with Phil on an exciting large print project for Stamford Hospital over a two-year period of time. From the first meeting, his energy was contagious, and it never faded. Phil’s passion to create the very best finished product is something you do not come across frequently. He was incredibly easy to work with, always flexible, willing to make any adjustments with his work to be sure it was inline with the client’s vision.

Phil has an eye for the outdoors, and is able to bring any space to life with his work and creativity. It was a true pleasure to work and collaborate with him from the early creative meetings to the final install, and we have the utmost respect for not only Phil’s photography, but for him as a person.”

Kathy Sachs & Katharine Sachs Lumby

Owners, Art & Interiors

High resolution imagery that is meant to be observed closely – try zooming in.

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Starting a Project?

Large detailed murals and wall coverings are custom designed and photographed to fit a specific space. They require planning. For inquiries, please use the contact form below.

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