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Phil Nelson is an artist first, but he has taken his rare and deep knowledge of digital imaging to blend art and technology to offer services many photographers cannot match.

With more than two decades working at both Apple and Adobe and years more traveling the country lecturing on digital imaging and color management, Phil has a breadth of knowledge that has helped him transition his business from solely making beautiful landscapes to providing a full service, shoot-to-display line of art.

Always curious, always experimenting, always seeking superior quality, he is willing to take the extra time and care to deliver the best creative results for his clients.

Phil lives with his wife, Diane, in Stamford, CT. Diane is the owner of Browne & Co. in Darien, CT, where Phil often displays and sells his work.

Phil Nelson Photography

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FAA and EASA Certified Drone Operator

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phil nelson standing in beach grass with camera and tripod

photo by Richard Freeda

“Phil Nelson’s remarkable landscapes capture fleeting moments of unexpected grandeur, and demonstrate both the photographer’s keen creative vision and his grasp of how technology can be utilized to realize that vision.”

Caroline Cunningham

New England Home Magazine

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