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framed print of red barn on living room wall

Expressing Your Style

You might like clean, contemporary lines with cool muted tones, or bold glossy colors. You might prefer large floor-to-ceiling or small-scale and intimate. Classic, graphic or abstract, landscape imagery can be all of these. Combined with the right framing and presentation, photographic imagery can compliment the style of any home.

bedroom with large plexi-mount print over bed
three square framed and matted abstract images

Custom Framing & Presentation

It’s not just the image. The type of framing in combination with the image can set the presentation style you’re looking for.

You might prefer an abstract image on stretched canvas with no frame, or a landscape image printed on metal. Every order is custom-built, so you have the flexibility to choose the image and frame that best work for you.

Please use the contact form below and let’s start discussing your ideas.

plexi-mount print over couch in living room
large acrylic face-mounted print over bed in bedroom
large canvas abstract print with float frame over mantle in living room
below the horizon book cover and spread

Abstracts may be more your style.

If so, check out the images in the Abstracts Gallery.

Starting a Project?

Making changes? Looking for something in particular? If so, please call or use the contact form below.

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