Office Environments

office reception area with two large acrylic face-mounted prints

Bringing the Outside In

Many of us spend a lot of time at an office. For this reason we want a work environment that we feel comfortable in, one that we feel proud to share with our clients and employees. Bringing the landscape inside sets a calm, yet upbeat mood that creates a positive vibe for your workplace.

Presentation & Framing

There are numerous ways to frame and present landscape imagery. From large framed canvas prints to more contemporary face-mounted acrylic, you have the flexibility to choose the best options that work with the style and decor of your office.

abstract image on canvas with float frame
Canvas print with wood float frame
three framed images in front of bench

Traditional wood and mat framing

“We just recently purchased 30 large acrylic mounted photographs from Phil to cover the long hallways in our facility. Aside from his amazing work, he was so easy to work with, very professional, patient and accommodating to our needs. He provided us with very detailed schematics and wall elevations of our office, so that we knew exactly what would be installed. Now that his work is up, our hallways look more like galleries. It just changes the whole experience for our patients.”
Keith Parmalee

Director, Stamford Outpatient Center, Hospital for Special Surgery

elevator lobby with large harbor mural

Large acrylic-faced wall covering inset, flush-mounted with paneling

man standing in long hallway looking at a group of three large acrylic face-mounted prints

Acrylic face-mounted prints compliment the overall style of this office

very large framed abstract canvas print behind reception desk
Large 6 foot canvas print with silver-faced float frame

Planning & Installation

For large installations with long hallways and big walls, areas that require numerous images, it’s best to have a plan. Along with image and framing recommendations, scale drawings and wall elevations help clients clearly visualize the size and placement of artwork in their environment. This gives clients the flexibility to easily make changes prior to production and installation.

long hallway with three acrylic face mounted prints in the foreground
long hallway with three acrylic face mounted prints in the foreground
wall elevation drawing of three framed prints
diagram of print with wood frame and matt
wall elevation diagram with dimensions showing placement of prints

Floor schematics and wall elevations help to clarify and organize the overall plan

Starting a Project?

Every print is custom sized and made to order. So whether you need one picture for an office wall, twenty to cover a long hallway, or something large for your reception area, there are numerous ways to meet your particular needs. Please use the contact form below to email your thoughts or questions.

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